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Petition - NYCDCC Bylaw Draft and Agreements

NYCDCC Bylaw Draft and Agreements

Under current circumstances as of May 2011, we, the undersigned members of the local unions affiliated to the NYCDCC, hereby petition the NYCDCC, Review Officer Walsh and Judge Berman:

1) that all members be sent, by postcard and/or email, notification of the existence of the NYCDCC Bylaws Draft and thereafter be provided a 45-day review and response period. These stipulations would further essential review, revision, and ratification of the NYCDCC Bylaws. Under current circumstances the June 9, 2011, deadline is inadequate for members to responsibly consider the proposed draft bylaws and submit comments.

2) that all future contracts (CBA, PLA, etc.), in which the working conditions are altered and/or the wages reduced and/or benefit pay reduced, between the NYCDCC and employers or employer associations negotiated by any persons not elected by secret ballot directly by the local union members be null and void. The contracts under which we work must be negotiated by a body of democratically elected representatives if they are to be valid.



A Short Video History of America's Mighty Forests

A video mini-history of America's forests from Colonial discovery through the 20th century, courtesy of Lee Tigner, craftsman at

BTEA Protest, Tue, May 24, 5:00 PM

Union Rank-and-File Organized
Rally to Protest the BTEA

Time: Tuesday, May 24 - 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Location: BTEA Leadership Dinner, Cipriani Wall Street
55 Wall Street (Between William St. and Hanover St.)

In March, the Building Trades Employers’ Association (BTEA) launched a campaign called "Build Union Jobs," consisting of subway advertisements, a website, and opinion-editorials in the press to coerce rank-and-file construction workers into accepting concessions, even as they planned their annual $750 plate dinner.

In response, rank-and-file building trades workers, in opposition to mob influence, corporate greed, mismanagement, corrupt bureaucracy, and United Brotherhood of Carpenters President Douglas J. McCarron's union raiding tactics, have put out an industry wide call for a rally to protest the BTEA Leadership Dinner.

With 30 collective bargaining agreements to be re-negotiated by June 30, 2011, Louis J. Coletti, President of the BTEA, sent a letter to Gary LaBarbera, President of the Building Construction Trades Council (BCTC,) titled "Roadmap to Recovery," presenting the BTEA's "Framework for Reducing Union Costs," a 26 point list of demands calling for a 20% reduction of employee wages and benefits.

The Wall-Ceiling & Carpentry Industries of New York is a Member of the BTEA. Last year its director, Joseph Olivieri, was found to have been involved in extorting the Carpenters Union, while tied to labor racketeer Vincent DiNapoli, and was convicted of perjury.

Like BTEA honoree Larry Silverstein, developers, property owners, and contractors are millionaires and billionaires from profits reaped through the difficult, hazardous, and highly skilled labor of union construction workers.

Driven by the desire to increase profits, the BTEA is opportunistically seeking to deprive all construction workers, union and non-union, of security and a decent standard of living.

New York City’s rank-and-file construction workers condemn Louis J. Coletti, the BTEA’s “roadmap” to poverty, “framework” for profit, and their celebration, at 55 Wall Street, on Tuesday May 24th 2011.

For more information: call 646-321-3274 or email: