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Proposed Amendment to the 2006 UBCJA Constitution

To All UBCJA Members:

I, Daniel J. Franco, propose an amendment to the 2006 UBCJA Constitution whereby the existing Section 31D is to be replaced with the following:

31D. A member cannot hold office or the position of Delegate or a Committee position, or be nominated for office, Delegate or a Committee position, if receiving a pension under the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Pension Plan, a council pension plan, a local union pension plan, or any pension plan of any organization or body associated with or affiliated to the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, or unless present at the time of nomination, except that the member is in the anteroom on authorized business or out on official business, or prevented by accident, sickness, or other substantial reason accepted by the Local Union or Council from being present; nor shall the member be eligible unless working for a livelihood in a classification within the trade autonomy of the United Brotherhood as defined in Section 7 or in employment which qualifies him or her for membership, or is depending on the trade for a livelihood, or is employed by the organization as a full-time officer or representative; provided, further, that members who are life members, apprentices, trainees or probationary employees shall not be eligible. A member must have been twelve (12) consecutive months a member in good standing immediately prior to nomination in the Local Union and a member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America for two consecutive years immediately prior to nomination, unless the Local Union has not been in existence the time herein required, and must remain a member in good standing at all times in order to remain in the position to which he is elected or appointed. A member who retires, i.e. receiving pension benefits, after being elected may complete the term for which elected. However, if unless receiving a pension under the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Pension Plan the member must relinquish his/her position(s) immediately upon commencement of said pension. Contracting members are not eligible to hold office, nor shall a member who has been a contracting member until six months have elapsed following notification by the member to his or her Local Union in writing that he or she has ceased contracting.

                                                                  Daniel J. Franco
                                                                  Local Union 157, UBCJA
                                                                  May 17, 2010