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Obituary - Ulric Alturo Todman, 1949-2013

Ulric Alturo Todman 
passed away Sunday, April 14, 2013.

Ulric Alturo Todman
VIEWING: 3:00 PM — 6:15 PM
144 West York, NY 10027
Pastor James Kilgore - Ofliciating

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Ulric Alturo Todman (also known as “Rick"), was born on February 17, 1949 in
Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands to Joseph E. Todman and
Dorothy Thomas Todman.

In 1955, he and his siblings relocated to New York City to be with his parents;
who had moved there earlier. In his early life, Rick attended Public School 169
and Edward Stitt Junior High School 164. He was a member of the Boy
Scouts of America, Manhattan’s Troop 751 and participated in various little
league/pee-wee team. In his adolescence, Rick attended George Washington
High School (where he graduated). He acquired an interest in various
workshop and trade programs during his high school studies. After school, he
focused on refining his trade skills and developing entrepreneurial pursuits. In
addition to completing an apprenticeship for carpentry, he traveled to Santa
Ana, CA where he graduated from CADI Diving School in 1970 and became a
certified underwater diver and welder. He also spent four years in the
advertising industry as a creative assistant and copywriter. Rick was a member
of the Local Union 608 and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners
from 1973 until his retirement in 2009. Some of his many entrepreneurial
pursuits included a part-time construction company called Contemporary
lnteriors, a restaurant called Rick's Cafe International, an advertising company
with his brother called Ulric & Todman, and a line of grilling condiments and
steak sauces. He was also the holder of several published patents that he
worked on with his close friend, Mike Weiser and son, Ricky.

He is survived by his wife, Loretta Todman; his son, Ulric “Ricky” Todman, ]r.;
mother, Dorothy Todman; brother, Arthur Todman; sister, Adina T. Romey;
nephews, Jason and Calvert Romney; niece, Nicole R. Stewart. Survivors also
include his mother and father—in—law, Fred Crudup and Shirley Owens; two
brother—in—laws, Fred Owens and Duante Owens; seven sister—in—laws,
Johnetta Hicks, Regeanna Carroll, Sharon and Gail Owens, Karen Brunette,
Mattie and Toni Owens, and their children. He also leaves behind to mourn
many very close friends and neighbors including Malcolm Barksdale, Michael
Weiser, Henry and Rochelle Strong, and Grace Williams. He will be
remembered as honest, hardworking, dependable and warm—hearted.

                                                      Humbly Submitted by the Family

Services Entrusted To:
Daniels-Wilhelmina Funeral Home, Inc
110 West 131st Street, New York, NY 10027
(212) 283-2547


Rosedale Cemetery
Linden, NJ

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2013-02-20 LU157 Special Election Results

On Wednesday, February 20, 2013, between6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, at 395 Hudson St,New York, NY 10014, LU157 conducted a special election for six (6) officer vacancies and six (6) delegate vacancies.
The newly elected officers and delegates of LU157 are:

Executive Board:
President Mitch Sonntag Joining already elected officers:
Vice President Kevin Corrigan Treasurer Greg Kelty
Recording Secretary Dan Franco Conductor John "Cigars" DeFalco
Financial Secretary Hercules Reid Warden John "Terror" Carty
Trustee Gerard D. Hanrahan Trustee Mariano Arocho
Trustee John Moloney

Robert "Bobby" Corrigan
Gerard D. Hanrahan
Robert "Bobby" Toal
Charles McNally, Sr.
Gerard "Gerry" Matthews
James Noonan

Total Voters: President Vice-President Recording Secretary Financial Secretary Trustee Trustee
697 Vote for One (1) Vote for One (1) Vote for One (1) Vote for One (1) Vote for One (1) Vote for One (1)
Row A 1A
Members Voice 157 Mitch Sonntag Kevin Corrigan Daniel Franco

Gerard D. Hanrahan John Moloney
Votes: # % 359 57.3% 374 59.6% 366 60.9%

342 57.9% 350 58.0%
Row B 1B
Carpenters for Carpenters Gerard “Gerry” Gausman Mike Connor Donald “Donny” Arana Hercules Reid Eddie Herrero Tamara “Tammy” Rivera
Votes: # % 267 42.7% 254 40.4% 235 39.1% 292 100.0% 249 42.1% 253 42.0%
Row C

Independent Candidates

Votes: # %

Votes/Position 626
# of Votes Difference 92
# of Votes Withheld 71


Vote for Six (6)
Row A 7A

Members Voice 157 Charles McNally, Sr. Robert “Bobby” Toal Robert “Bobby” Corrigan Gerard D. Hanrahan

Votes: # % 298 9.5% 303 9.6% 335 10.6% 314 10.0%

Row B 7B
Carpenters for Carpenters Gerard “Gerry” Gausman James Noonan Tommy Cavallo Jeremy Milin Mike Connor Gerry Matthews
Votes: # % 256 8.1% 281 8.9% 220 7.0% 278 8.8% 258 8.2% 296 9.4%
Row C 7C


Independent Candidates Brian Brady

Daniel Franco

Votes: # % 179 5.7%

130 4.1%



# of Votes Withheld


Total Voters

Candidate Local Union Position Slate Ballot Position # Votes % of Total Voters
Kevin Corrigan Vice-Pres Members Voice 157 2A 374 53.7%
Daniel Franco Rec Sec Members Voice 157 3A 366 52.5%
Mitch Sonntag President Members Voice 157 1A 359 51.5%
John Moloney Trustee Members Voice 157 6A 350 50.2%
Gerard D. Hanrahan Trustee Members Voice 157 5A 342 49.1%
Robert “Bobby” Corrigan Delegate Members Voice 157 9A 335 48.1%
Gerard D. Hanrahan Delegate Members Voice 157 10A 314 45.1%
Robert “Bobby” Toal Delegate Members Voice 157 8A 303 43.5%
Charles McNally, Sr. Delegate Members Voice 157 7A 298 42.8%
Gerry Matthews Delegate Carpenters for Carpenters 12B 296 42.5%
Hercules Reid Fin Sec Carpenters for Carpenters 4B 292 41.9%
James Noonan Delegate Carpenters for Carpenters 8B 281 40.3%
Jeremy Milin Delegate Carpenters for Carpenters 10B 278 39.9%
Gerard “Gerry” Gausman President Carpenters for Carpenters 1B 267 38.3%
Mike Connor Delegate Carpenters for Carpenters 11B 258 37.0%
Gerard “Gerry” Gausman Delegate Carpenters for Carpenters 7B 256 36.7%
Mike Connor Vice-Pres Carpenters for Carpenters 2B 254 36.4%
Tamara “Tammy” Rivera Trustee Carpenters for Carpenters 6B 253 36.3%
Eddie Herrero Trustee Carpenters for Carpenters 5B 249 35.7%
Donald “Donny” Arana Rec Sec Carpenters for Carpenters 3B 235 33.7%
Tommy Cavallo Delegate Carpenters for Carpenters 9B 220 31.6%
Brian Brady Delegate [Independent] 7C 179 25.7%
Daniel Franco Delegate [Independent] 9C 130 18.7%