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March for Jobs and Economic Fairness!

March for Jobs and Economic Fairness! 
Updated On: Nov 21, 2011 (13:11:00)
There are 14 million unemployed in America, while the
richest 1% has tripled its wealth over the past 30 years.
March for Jobs and Economic Fairness

December 1st, 4pm - Herald Sq to Union Sq

Everyday, we see hard-working families struggling to survive.

That is why we are marching on Dec. 1. It's not just for the labor movement, but
for everyone who is frustrated and worried about the growing economic disparity
in this country. It's for anyone who has ever agonized about finding a job, paying
for college, meeting a mortgage payment, or how to buy enough food for dinner.
The March for Jobs and Economic Fairness on Dec. 1 is a call to action and a
show of unity -- we want to march down Broadway from Herald Square to Union
Square and fill the street from curb to curb so government and big business get
our message: enough is enough.

It's time to end the unfair economic policies in this country that
benefit too few, and leave everyone else behind.

Assembly Area: 31st, 32nd Sts - b/t Broadway and 5 Ave. Enter Assembly area from 5 Ave.

March Route – Broadway from 32 St to Union Sq. Stepping off at 4pm.

Dispersal at Union Sq.

Come after work. Come when you can.
Join working people from NYC and beyond.
(Approx. march time from 4pm to 6pm)

This march is our call to action.

NO rally. NO speeches. It’s all been said before.

Your participation in this march will be our statement.

For more information contact the NYC Central Labor Council





United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America
Local Union 157

395 Hudson Street, 8th Floor
New York, New York 10014

Dear Member,

Please be advised that there will be a Special Called Meeting on Wednesday November 30 at 4.30 pm at St Cyril, Methodius and Raphael RC Church located at 502 West 41st Street, New York, NY, 10036 (enter on 40th St between 10th and 11th Avenues) for the purpose of allowing members to review and comment on the Contract Agreements which are to be put to the Delegate Body for ratification in early December. The Contract Agreements are to be posted on the NYCDCC website at by Friday November 18.

All Local 157 Delegates will be asked to make every effort to attend this meeting. Please contact the Local 157 offi ce at (212) 685 0567 with any questions.

Fraternally yours,
Patrick Nee, President 
Levi Messinetti, Recording Secretary


Kelty for NYCDCC President 2011


BACKGROUND: I am a veteran of the United States Army; I was Honorably Discharged under Honorable Conditions in 1978 at the rank of E-5. I earned an Associate in Arts degree from Mt San Antonio College in June of 1983. I earned a Bachelor in Science degree from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in August of 1985. I have also held a NASD Series 6 securities license and an insurance license. I joined Local Union 257 in June of 1984. I am presently the Treasurer of Local Union 157. I have been a Certified Steward since the program was started in the 1990’s. My family has been involved in construction in NYC since the early 1900’s. I have five brothers and two nephews that are union carpenters.

FULL MOBILITY: We are fortunate to have some excellent signatory contractors here in NYC. We also have some of the toughest, but honest contractors. Regrettably we have had some of the most corrupt. Full mobility is bad because it will turn us into a company union, where the employers have total control of the workforce. Overtime, workers will have no allegiance to the union or their brothers and sisters. We have seen the effect that Mikes Forde’s full request system has had on our union. Participation at union meetings is at an all time low. Voting at local elections is dismal. Confidence in our future and our leadership is weak. Let’s not forget the massive corruption, of the benefit funds, and our leaders that came with it.

COMPANY LIFE CYCLES AND YOU: Not many companies in this business last no more than a generation or two. Many of our members will find themselves working for a company that closes its doors. With no union hall to fall back on you may find yourself with nowhere to go. After working for one company for years, you will have to solicit your own work. This won’t be easy when your only contacts in the business are in the same situation. You will be finding work the same way the non-union workers find theirs. Can you see yourself waiting outside the 7/11 or the train station in the mornings? There was a time when we had a functioning shape hall, when few union carpenters solicited their own work. In spite of its shortcomings the shape hall worked, and we made bonds and contacts with our fellow union brothers.

OVER THE HILL: We know this business gives our bodies a beating. As we reach 50 we are pretty banged up and the contractors know it. Full mobility will make it extremely difficult for older members to find work. Contractors only want us during our most productive years. Older carpenters will find it difficult to get work and almost impossible to earn pension credits. This could force them out of the business. Our younger guys, third and fourth year apprentices, will find themselves in a similar situation. They may be young and strong but most have not acquired the job skills and experience to work on their own. (We know this has become a one man trade.) Many of these guys have spent their apprenticeship unloading trucks. We need to change this; we need to teach our younger brothers and sisters the trade. We need them to stay in the union, for this union to have a viable future.

A RECIPE FOR DISASTER: Full Mobility will create an atmosphere of fear. Contractors will have the upper hand and some will pressure workers to bend the rules. Many members will be afraid of losing their jobs, leaving them more vulnerable to accepting cash and defrauding the Benefit funds. Council representatives may again send members to jobs through the back door creating an atmosphere ripe for favors and payoffs.

PROJECT LABOR AGREEMENTS: These may be required on some jobs but that doesn’t mean we have to take pay cuts. A PLA could be something as simple as working an 8 hour day or working four ten hour days. Our leadership has been systematically agreeing to wage and benefit cuts, while other trades agree only to relaxed work rules. We need leadership that will put a stop to the give backs and protect what generations of carpenters fought so hard to get.

MARKET RECOVERY: We need a different approach to this, lowering our wages and benefits by 20% are a bad idea. This only creates downward pressure on our wages in all markets. We need to attack these jobs with our political and organizing people. We need to have our people pressuring the community boards and politicians in addition to the financiers and developers of these projects.

POLITICAL ACTION AND ORGNIZING: These departments need to be combined to be effective. We know these departments have been a money pit with no tangible results. The directors and employees of these departments have either not been given the tools to work with or are totally incompetent. They need to work together to turn these jobs and companies right from the start, not after the buildings are 3 or 4 stories out of the ground. We need to put pressure on the politicians over the undocumented worker problem in this country. These politicians wouldn’t allow 20 million white collar professionals to come into this country undocumented but they do let blue collar workers come in and take our jobs. THAT’S JUST NOT RIGHT! These workers are putting downward pressure on wages and our families are the ones who are bearing the burden.

THE OUT OF WORK LIST: The OWL is total failure. There has been no effort to correct the problems with the OWL. The UBC supervision has made no attempt to fix this mess. This was the excuse used to give contractors the full request. The list failed the men and women on it and created the conditions for workers and BA’S to violate the OWL rules, intentionally or not. The people running the list from the director on down were either incompetent or complicit. The OWL needs to be totally restructured with a modified shape hall where workers will be dispatched to jobs. We need to verify skills and check workers for the proper tools for the job. This system can work. The contractors will have no argument for full mobility and we may even get the 50/50 back. Our union members will have a list that works and a place to find work. A truly functioning list will keep a check on corruption and give our members alternatives from being corrupted by unscrupulous contractors.


Kelty Speech to Local Unions

Greg Kelty
Speech to local unions

Background: I’ve been a member of local 257 and 157 for over 28 years. I’m an Honorable discharged veteran of the United States Army at the rank E-5. I have an Associate in Arts Degree from Mt San Antonio College and a Bachelor of Science Degree with major in Finance from California Polytechnic University, Pomona. I also had a NASD series 6 securities license as well as an insurance license. I have been a certified Shop Steward since the program started in the late 1990’s. I have worked as a foreman and worked out of the hall. I’ve worked for companies for 2 and 3 years and 2 and 3 days. I’ve been an out spoken union man my entire career. I am presently the Treasurer of local 157 and was recently elected to the District Council delegate body.


Full Mobility: We cannot allow the contractors to have full mobility and here is why; The OWL will not move at all, except for the dispatching of shop stewards. Our older brothers and sisters will not be able to get work and our 3rd and 4th year apprentices will find themselves in the same circumstance as our older members. Full mobility will create the conditions for corruption like we have never seen before. Companies will ask foreman and other company men to find workers for them, instead of going to the list. Calls to companies from unemployed carpenters will be ignored.
Contractors only want us during our most productive years; older workers don’t fit that profile. They are also more prone to injury and the contractors know it. Our older workers will only be hired when contractors find themselves in a jamb. Most of us know our 3rd and 4th year apprentices find it hard to get work now. We have become a one man trade and most of these apprentices do not yet have the skills to work alone. Knowing our members have nowhere to turn for work, some unscrupulous contractors will pressure them to work for cash and forgo benefit payments. Council representatives will be pressured by supers to get them good guys and members will pressure council representatives for work, creating an atmosphere ripe for payoffs and OWL violations. We may even see a new Christmas club established. For you younger workers it was rumored that certain guys would cash their vacation checks at Christmas time and handed them over to their favorite BA for keeping them working steady during the year, in other words a payoff.

The OWL: We need to scrap the whole system we now have and start over. We can start with Job skill verification. This can be done by checking the work history of our members and ensure that it is compatible with the job skills they have listed. We also need to categorize these skills properly, there are times the council does not have a clue of how work needs to be categorized and they group skills improperly. This can cause confusion and may result in members being sent to jobs they are not qualified to do. I just recently had a brother sent to a job, I was the steward on, to fill a ceiling position. He had the 1,000 hour certification for drywall and ceilings, only he didn’t do ceilings. He told me this had happened several times and he spoke with the people at the OWL about it on several occasions. They still have not done a thing to correct it. Fortunately I do ceilings and he was able to work with the sheet rockers. This is just one example of the many that occur. We also need to inform our members of the additional skills contractors are looking for when they request workers for certain skills; such as High rise concrete. Many contractors also ask that they have a 32 hr scaffold and rigging certification. Our members need to know these things. We also need a modified shape hall where BA’s can check that our members have the proper tools and knowledge to do the job. We need BA’s that have years of experience working with those same tools, not just a bunch of council workers buddies or people with a year or two as journeyman. A properly functioning OWL can and will work. This will keep contractors satisfied with the people they get and the list will move faster for the members that work from it. We may even be able to show cause to get our 50/50 referral rule enforced.

PLA’S: PLA’s may be a necessary evil but we don’t need to take pay cuts. The supervision at the DC has systematically given our members pay cuts regardless of the ability of the client or developer to pay. This policy must stop immediately. Other trades are not taking pay cuts but are agreeing to work 40 hr weeks, early or late start times or other work rule changes. Many of our members are getting only enough in their vacation pay to cover their assessments. Many of them have annuity loans and are depending on their vacation checks to pay those loans. This policy of striping the vacation contribution has to stop.

Market Recovery: I don’t think giving back to contractors is ever a good idea. Giving contractors back 20% on hospitality and residential work will only lead to a 20% pay cut for all the work we do. This is nothing more than a back door pay cut. The demand for hotel rooms, Residential apartments and condominiums in NYC is on the rise. Vacancy rates in Manhattan for residential apartments are at their lowest level since they have been keeping records. It would be foolish to lock us into a pay cuts now. If this is to compete with the non-union sector the question is, is 20% enough? I think not. We make well over 20% more than the non-union carpenters with our benefits. What will prevent the non-union contractors from cutting their carpenters pay by 20%. This is a losing proposition for our hard working union carpenters and puts us on a slippery slope to a bad situation.
Political Action and Organizing: These are undoubtedly the most poorly functioning departments along with the OWL at the District Council. These departments need to be combined into one unit and work together to create more union work and union contractors. We need to go after this work the minute the permits are pulled or before if possible. We need to be at community board meetings that approve these buildings. We also need to put the pressure on our city council reps, congressional reps and state senators and demand all jobs that are funded with any taxpayer funds pay prevailing wage and benefits. Contractors are more likely to use union labor when they have to pay the same rate. We need to stress the quality and training of our work force and the flexibility we can offer for manpower needs. Where else can you get 20 or 30 highly trained skilled tradesman with a phone call? One man does not make a political action department and two guys standing outside of a job 4 stories out of the ground will not make a difference. I’ve been through Doug McCarron’s 3 day organizing program twice and guess what? It’s not working here in NYC and not working anywhere else in the country because if it were, he wouldn’t be asking us to take a 20% cut in our wages. We need to work with the organizing departments of other trades and share information that may help to turn these jobs. We also need to pressure the organizations financing these projects. We need to find out if these financiers handle any union funds and use that as leverage for them to persuade the developers to use union carpenters. We need to address the undocumented worker issue and how it affects our wages and the non-union contractors. These contractors need to abide by the law and we need those laws to be enforced. Let’s face it these undocumented workers are putting downward pressure on our wages. 
Appointments: All appointments during our supervision by UBC need to be reevaluated. That means from top to bottom. There have been many questionable appointments and many good candidates passed up, some for political reasons.
I thank you brothers and sisters for your time and if you have any questions I will do my best to answer them for you.
Fraternally yours, Greg Kelty

Local Union Delegates to the NYCDCC Election Results 2011


LU45: 1 ECM; 8 Delegates

"Clean Slate"
Paul Tyznar (Executive) 177
Jarret Weinrich 165
Eric Tyznar 180
James Shea 171
Daniel Sessa 177
Martin Flash 173
Michael Rodin 182
Wayne Gibbs 173
Philip Fiorentino 175

"Members First"
Shawn Eichorn (Executive) 55
Alfred Douglas 54
Ainsworth Thomas 50
Chuck Vecchione 53

Demian Schroeder 22











LU157 Delegate Election Results 2011

LU157 Delegates to the NYCDCC Election Results 2011

~8900 eligible voters.
1905 members voted.
1103 members voted for Executive Committee Member (ECM). Of the 1905 voters, 802 did not vote for an ECM.

The elected LU157 Executive Committee Member is Daniel DeMorato.
The 48 elected LU157 delegates are highlighted in yellow below:

6 A
Charles J. Egan 195
7 A
Ken Bluhm 154
8 A
Hugh McHugh 146
9 A
Josefina Calcano 69
10 A
Gerald V. Matthews 130
11 A
John M. Dunscomb 67

Carpenters Alliance
1 B ECM Danny DeMorato 397
6 B
Bill Lacey 532
7 B
Joe Nina 484
8 B
John Sheehy 574
9 B
Mitch Sonntag 509
10 B
John McCarthy 501
11 B
Louis Norelli 471
12 B
Eddie McWilliams 539
13 B
Paul Willoughby 464
14 B
Martin Maguire 500
15 B
Cory Kennedy 546
16 B
Elly Spicer 466
17 B
Glenn Hatcher 472
18 B
Joseph Connolly 492
19 B
Brian Lamb 454
20 B
Bill Hervey 455
21 B
Martin Lydon 530
22 B
Joseph Faith 503
23 B
Gerry Bruen 470
24 B
Eamonn Carey 490
25 B
Vincent DeLessio 466
26 B
Graham McHugh 523
27 B
Paul Capurso 526
28 B
Steve McInnis 518
29 B
Guy Collins 484

6 C
Andrew Gismondi 327
7 C
Joseph DeFilippo 371
8 C
Michael Vastarelli 344
9 C
Patrick Downey 367
10 C
Steven Spinazzolla 405
11 C
Gerard Gordon 347
12 C
Tom Silletti 367
13 C
Robert Corrigan 381
14 C
Joe Mertens 360
15 C
John Guerriero 367
16 C
Martin Costello 374
17 C
Philip Ficarra 372
18 C
Brian Conlon 380
19 C
Ramadan (Rambo) Ibric 393
20 C
Robert McAuliffe 382
21 C
Walter Warzecha 378
22 C
Sean Brosnan 405
23 C
Scott Phillips 351
24 C
John Allen 360
25 C
Anthony Charles 358
26 C
Paul Gerdes 355
27 C
Fabian Echevarrieta 335
28 C
Andy Basile 342
29 C
Denys Seykora 322

Carpenters United
1 D ECM Donny Arana 329
6 D
Mike Connor 410
7 D
George Fitzgerald 371
8 D
Tom Cavallo 348
9 D
Hercules Reid 388
10 D
Billy Davenport 385
11 D
Anthony McPhelim 339
12 D
Jimmy Hogan 402
13 D
Patrick Creaney 366
14 D
Dwayne Wilson 322
15 D
Femi Agana 334
16 D
Anthony Proto 335
17 D
Brian Mooney 352
18 D
Pat Brennan 357
19 D
Brian Gillan 309
20 D
Otis Resse 337
21 D
Juan Hernandez 323
22 D
John Luszcyk 336
23 D
Steven Fuggio 344
24 D
Martin (Louie XIV) Glynn 332
25 D
Patrick Kirwan 339
26 D
Scott Murray 323
27 D
William Huvane 345
28 D
Dave McCabe 324
29 D
James Noonan 407

6 E
Mike Bilello 474
7 E
Byron Schuler 352
8 E
Gerard Hanrahan 334
9 E
Herman Warren 331
10 E
Dan Franco 380
11 E
Gerard Gausman 393
12 E
Mike Leonard 340
13 E
Patrick Crean 369
14 E
Rich Lenihan 305
15 E
Paul [Sanabria] Santora 311
16 E
Mike Power 366
17 E
Keith Dowd 323
18 E
Justine Kuhn 338
19 E
Eddie Peterson 304
20 E
Vinny McGuire 340
21 E
Robert Routier 299
22 E
Jamie Drinkwater 324
23 E
Javier (Jay) Colpas 291
24 E
Dennis (Sully) Sullivan 341
25 E
Jeff Adams 296
26 E
Gerard Hampton 297
27 E
Matthew McGrath 311
28 E
Cesar Bravo 299
29 E
Eddie Herrero 331

Members Voice
1 F ECM (Scottish) Tommy McKeown 377
6 F
Chris Grogan 517
7 F
George LaMontagne 471
8 F
John Daly 562
9 F
John (Cigars) DeFalco 448
10 F
Steve Spinelli 473
11 F
John (Terror) Carty 484
12 F
Levi Messinetti 495
13 F
Kevin Corrigan 530
14 F
Eric George 443
15 F
Danny Zattolla 452
16 F
Patrick Nee 500
17 F
John Gaffney 496
18 F
Jodie Ann Beatty 462
19 F
Peter Corrigan 508
20 F
John Fitzpatrick 458
21 F
Mariano Arocho 438
22 F
Pete Rotolo 428
23 F
Sean Doonan 477
24 F
Greg Kelty 512
25 F
John Moloney 503
26 F
Vincent Fuller 438
27 F
Joe Fis 433
28 F
James Fisher 464
29 F
Sean Firth 523

6 G
Charles McNally 463
7 G
Mike Berlingo 465
8 G
Tommy McGonigle 555
9 G
Kevin McCabe 514
10 G
Gauntlet Holness 464
11 G
Carmine Bonura 445
12 G
William McKenna 510
13 G
Tommy Weimer 442
14 G
Estelle St.Clair 436
15 G
Matt Seabury 436
16 G
Don Foley 435
17 G
Kevin Egan 484
18 G
Felix Calvito 447
19 G
Steve Boal 459
20 G
Mike Donnelly 507
21 G
Turlough "Sam" Noone 470
22 G
Vincent Spinelli 480
23 G
John Musumeci 477
24 G
Rodney Henry 432
25 G
Jesse Drake 433
26 G
Danny Dore 486
27 G
Jimmy Kern 432
28 G
Billy Walsh 575
29 G
Marc Elizabeth 407


Candidates Approved for 2011 District Council Election

Office of Dennis M. Walsh
The Review Officer
90 Civil 5722 (SDNY)

Fitzmaurice & Walsh, LLP
15 Chester Avenue
White Plains, NY 10601

October 12, 2011

Candidates Approved for 2011 District Council Election

Michael Bilello, Dan Franco

Bill Lebo, Greg Kelty, Paul Tyznar

Vice President
Byron Schuler, Michael Cavanaugh

Trustees (3)
Joseph Nina, Pat Crean, Sean Doonan, Sam Noone

Phil Fiorentino, Gerard Gausman, John Carty, John Walsh

Scott Belford, Mike Leonard, Gauntlet Holness

Slate Name Rank and File Team The Only Choice Slate 'Tyzner et al' Slate 'Carty and Doonan' Slate

EST Mike Bilello (157) John Daly (157)
Thomas McKeon (157)
George LaMontagne (157)
Daniel J. Franco (157) Michal Ciechorski (1556)
President Bill Lebo (45) Gregory Kelty (157) Paul Tyzner (45) John "Cigars" DeFalco (157)
Vice-President Byron Schuler (157) Tommy McGonnigle (157)
Mike Cavanaugh (740) Charles Lucas (1556)
Warden Gerard Gausman (157) John Walsh (1556) Phillip Fiorentino (45) John "Terror" Carty (157) N/A N/A
Conductor Mike Leonard (157) Gaunlet Holness (157) Scott Belford (2287) Shawn Eichorn (45)
Trustee Eddie Herrero (157)
Robert Graham (926) Joe Mertens (157)
Kevin Corrigan (157) N/A N/A
Trustee Jimmy Smith (2287)
Bill Walsh (157)
Joe Nina (157) John King (1556) N/A N/A
Trustee Patrick Crean (157) Turlough "Sam" Noone (157) Tom King (1556)
Sean Doonan (157) N/A N/A


Petition to Deny 'Full Mobility'

Petition to the Hon. Richard M. Berman,
United States District Judge, to Deny 'Full Mobility'

Whereas, we understand 'Full Mobility' to be somewhat or specifically defined as: the permitting of a contractor to select the entirety of its workforce, less the steward.

Whereas, it is evident with experience and information that 'Full Mobility' will further embolden and allow contractors additional opportunities to:
  • circumvent Out-of-Work Lists (OWLs).
  • force acceptance of cash payments and forgoing of benefit payments in exchange for current and future work, thereby committing tax evasion, benefits fraud and extortion;
  • ignore OSHA and other health and safety laws, thereby increasing the likeliness for health and safety violations and incidences;
  • enforce work production quotas, which are expressly forbidden in our CBA's;
  • commit age, sex, and race discrimination;
  • increase the hiding of faulty materials and poor and incomplete workmanship;

Whereas, 'Full Mobility' will eliminate for many members job opportunities and opportunities to up-keep and increase one's skills and knowledge;

Whereas, for the reasons above 'Full Mobility' is anti-union; it unequivocally circumvents social justice, one the founding principles of labor unions;

Therefore, we, the members of the NYC carpenters' local unions, affiliated to the New York City and Vicinity District Council of Carpenters (NYCDCC), petition the Hon. Richard M. Berman, United States District Judge, to deny the acceptance and implementation of 'Full Mobility' in any agreement with the NYCDCC and/or affiliated organizations until at least December 30, 2014.

V2.0 2011-10-10
V1.0 2011-09-26

Please print-out, collect signatures, and then contact me to return ASAP .


LU157 Delegates to the NYCDCC Nominees

Below are the names of the LU157 members who were nominated at the Special Called Meeting, which occurred October 6, 2011, 4:30 PM at Saints Cyril, Methodius and Raphael RC Church, 502 W 41st Street, New York, N.Y. 10036.

If you see any spelling errors or know names not listed, please post a comment below or email me. Thank you.

Slate Name: Members' Voice Slate
Nominator: Jim Richardson
Executive Committee Member: "Scottish" Tommy McKeown
Chris Grogan
George LaMontagne
John Daly
John "Cigars" DeFalco
Steve Spinelli
John "Terror" Carty
Levi Messinetti
Kevin Corrigan
Eric George
Danny Zattolla
Pat Nee
John Gaffney
Jodie Ann Beatty
Pete Corrigan
John Fitzpatrick
Mariano Arocho
Peter Rotolo
Sean Doonan
Greg Kelty
John Maloney
Vincent Fuller
Joe Fis
James Fisher
Sean Firth
Charles McNally
Mike Berlingo
Tom McGonnigle
Kevin McCabe
Gauntlett Holness
Carmine Bonura
William McKenna
Tommy Weimer
Estelle St.Clair
Matt Seabury
Don Foley
Kevin Eagan
Felix Calvito
Steve Boal
Mike Donnelly
Turlough "Sam" Noone
Vincent Spinelli
John Musumeci
Rodney Henry
Jesse Drake
Daniel Dore
Jimmy Kern
Billy Walsh
Marc Elizabeth


Slate Name: Local 157 Carpenters Alliance
Nominator: ?
Executive Committee Member: Danny DeMorato
Bill Lacey
Joe Nina
Joe Mertens
John Sheehy
Mitch Sonntag
John McCarthy
Louis Norelli
Eddie McWilliams
Paul Willoughby
Martin McGuire
Cory Kennedy
Elly Spicer
Glenn Hatcher
Joseph Connolly
Brian Lamb
Eamonn Carey
Joseph Faith
Jerry Bruen
Vincent DeLessio
Graham McHugh
Paul Capurso
Steve McInnis
Guy Collins
Andrew Gismondi
Joseph DeFilippo
Martin Lydon
Michael Vastarelli
Patrick Downey
Steven Spinazzolla
Gerard Gordon (Accepted nomination by letter submitted by McKeon)
Tom Silletti
Robert Corrigan
John Guerrero
Martin Costello
Philip Ficarra
Brian Conlon
Rambo Ibric
Robert McAuliffe (Accepted nomination by letter submitted by McKeon)
Walter Warzecha
Sean Brosnan
Scott Phillips (Accepted nomination by letter submitted by McKeon?)
John Allen
Anthony Charles
Paul Gerdes
Fabian Echevarrieta
Bill Hervey
Andy Basile
Denys Seykora


Charlie Eagan nominated by Hugh McHugh


Hugh McHugh nominated by Charlie Eagan


Ken Bluhm nominated by Paul Capusro
Jerry Matthew nominated by Paul Capusro
Joe Burder nominated by Paul Capusro?


Name of Slate: Carpenters United NYC
Nominator: Mike Bilello
Executive Committee Member: Donny Arana
Mike Connor
George Fitzgerald
Eddie Herrero
Byron Schuler
Patrick Brennan
Mike Powers
Tom Cavallo
Anthony Proto
Herman Warren
Paul Sanabria
William Huvane
Bill Davenport
Justine Kuhn
James Noonan
Hercules Reid
Bobby Ramirez
Dan Franco
Femi Agana
Mike Leonard
Gerard Hanrahan
Dwayne Wilson
Keith Dowd
Eddie Peterson
Otis Resse
Dennis Sullivan
Jamie Drinkwater
Jaun Hernandez
John Luszcyk
Cesar Bravo
Patrick Creaney
Patrick Kirwan
Anthony McPhelm
Martin Glynn (Louie XIV)
Steven Fuggio
Brian Mooney
Brian Gillan
Gerard Hampton
Vinny McGuire
Jimmy Hogan
Robert Routier
Dave McCabe
Scott Murray
Javier Colpas
Patrick Crean
Matthew McGrath
Jeff Adams
Gerard Gausman
Mike Bilello nominated by Pat Crean


Josefina Califano nominated by Tammy Rivera


NYCDCC Officer Election, Dec 15, 2011: Members Attempting Nomination Eligibility

Persons for which signatures are being collected for nomination eligibility for the Dec 15, 2011, NYCDCC Officer Election are:

Slate Name Rank and File Team [Daly Slate] [McKeon Slate] [LaMontagne Slate]

EST Mike Bilello (157) John Daly (157) Thomas McKeon (157) George LaMontagne (157) Daniel J. Franco (157) Michal Ciechorski (1556)
President Bill Lebo (45) Gregory Kelty (157) Paul Tyzner (45) John DeFalco (157) N/A N/A
Vice-President Byron Schuler (157) Tommy McGonnigle (157) Mike Cavanaugh (740) Charles Lucas (1556) N/A N/A
Warden Gerard Gausman (157) John Walsh (157) Phillip Fiorentino (45) John Carty (157) N/A N/A
Conductor Mike Leonard (157) Gaunlett Holness (157) Scott Belford (2287) Shawn Eichorn (45) N/A N/A
Trustee Eddie Herrero (157) Robert Graham (926) Joe Mertens (157) Kevin Corrigan (157) N/A N/A
Trustee Jimmy Smith (2287) Bill Walsh (157) Joe Nina (157) John King (1556) N/A N/A
Trustee Patrick Crean (157) Turlough Sam Noone (157) Tom King (1556) Shawn Doonan (157) N/A N/A

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