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Petition to Deny 'Full Mobility'

Petition to the Hon. Richard M. Berman,
United States District Judge, to Deny 'Full Mobility'

Whereas, we understand 'Full Mobility' to be somewhat or specifically defined as: the permitting of a contractor to select the entirety of its workforce, less the steward.

Whereas, it is evident with experience and information that 'Full Mobility' will further embolden and allow contractors additional opportunities to:
  • circumvent Out-of-Work Lists (OWLs).
  • force acceptance of cash payments and forgoing of benefit payments in exchange for current and future work, thereby committing tax evasion, benefits fraud and extortion;
  • ignore OSHA and other health and safety laws, thereby increasing the likeliness for health and safety violations and incidences;
  • enforce work production quotas, which are expressly forbidden in our CBA's;
  • commit age, sex, and race discrimination;
  • increase the hiding of faulty materials and poor and incomplete workmanship;

Whereas, 'Full Mobility' will eliminate for many members job opportunities and opportunities to up-keep and increase one's skills and knowledge;

Whereas, for the reasons above 'Full Mobility' is anti-union; it unequivocally circumvents social justice, one the founding principles of labor unions;

Therefore, we, the members of the NYC carpenters' local unions, affiliated to the New York City and Vicinity District Council of Carpenters (NYCDCC), petition the Hon. Richard M. Berman, United States District Judge, to deny the acceptance and implementation of 'Full Mobility' in any agreement with the NYCDCC and/or affiliated organizations until at least December 30, 2014.

V2.0 2011-10-10
V1.0 2011-09-26

Please print-out, collect signatures, and then contact me to return ASAP .


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