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LU157 Delegates to the NYCDCC Nominees

Below are the names of the LU157 members who were nominated at the Special Called Meeting, which occurred October 6, 2011, 4:30 PM at Saints Cyril, Methodius and Raphael RC Church, 502 W 41st Street, New York, N.Y. 10036.

If you see any spelling errors or know names not listed, please post a comment below or email me. Thank you.

Slate Name: Members' Voice Slate
Nominator: Jim Richardson
Executive Committee Member: "Scottish" Tommy McKeown
Chris Grogan
George LaMontagne
John Daly
John "Cigars" DeFalco
Steve Spinelli
John "Terror" Carty
Levi Messinetti
Kevin Corrigan
Eric George
Danny Zattolla
Pat Nee
John Gaffney
Jodie Ann Beatty
Pete Corrigan
John Fitzpatrick
Mariano Arocho
Peter Rotolo
Sean Doonan
Greg Kelty
John Maloney
Vincent Fuller
Joe Fis
James Fisher
Sean Firth
Charles McNally
Mike Berlingo
Tom McGonnigle
Kevin McCabe
Gauntlett Holness
Carmine Bonura
William McKenna
Tommy Weimer
Estelle St.Clair
Matt Seabury
Don Foley
Kevin Eagan
Felix Calvito
Steve Boal
Mike Donnelly
Turlough "Sam" Noone
Vincent Spinelli
John Musumeci
Rodney Henry
Jesse Drake
Daniel Dore
Jimmy Kern
Billy Walsh
Marc Elizabeth


Slate Name: Local 157 Carpenters Alliance
Nominator: ?
Executive Committee Member: Danny DeMorato
Bill Lacey
Joe Nina
Joe Mertens
John Sheehy
Mitch Sonntag
John McCarthy
Louis Norelli
Eddie McWilliams
Paul Willoughby
Martin McGuire
Cory Kennedy
Elly Spicer
Glenn Hatcher
Joseph Connolly
Brian Lamb
Eamonn Carey
Joseph Faith
Jerry Bruen
Vincent DeLessio
Graham McHugh
Paul Capurso
Steve McInnis
Guy Collins
Andrew Gismondi
Joseph DeFilippo
Martin Lydon
Michael Vastarelli
Patrick Downey
Steven Spinazzolla
Gerard Gordon (Accepted nomination by letter submitted by McKeon)
Tom Silletti
Robert Corrigan
John Guerrero
Martin Costello
Philip Ficarra
Brian Conlon
Rambo Ibric
Robert McAuliffe (Accepted nomination by letter submitted by McKeon)
Walter Warzecha
Sean Brosnan
Scott Phillips (Accepted nomination by letter submitted by McKeon?)
John Allen
Anthony Charles
Paul Gerdes
Fabian Echevarrieta
Bill Hervey
Andy Basile
Denys Seykora


Charlie Eagan nominated by Hugh McHugh


Hugh McHugh nominated by Charlie Eagan


Ken Bluhm nominated by Paul Capusro
Jerry Matthew nominated by Paul Capusro
Joe Burder nominated by Paul Capusro?


Name of Slate: Carpenters United NYC
Nominator: Mike Bilello
Executive Committee Member: Donny Arana
Mike Connor
George Fitzgerald
Eddie Herrero
Byron Schuler
Patrick Brennan
Mike Powers
Tom Cavallo
Anthony Proto
Herman Warren
Paul Sanabria
William Huvane
Bill Davenport
Justine Kuhn
James Noonan
Hercules Reid
Bobby Ramirez
Dan Franco
Femi Agana
Mike Leonard
Gerard Hanrahan
Dwayne Wilson
Keith Dowd
Eddie Peterson
Otis Resse
Dennis Sullivan
Jamie Drinkwater
Jaun Hernandez
John Luszcyk
Cesar Bravo
Patrick Creaney
Patrick Kirwan
Anthony McPhelm
Martin Glynn (Louie XIV)
Steven Fuggio
Brian Mooney
Brian Gillan
Gerard Hampton
Vinny McGuire
Jimmy Hogan
Robert Routier
Dave McCabe
Scott Murray
Javier Colpas
Patrick Crean
Matthew McGrath
Jeff Adams
Gerard Gausman
Mike Bilello nominated by Pat Crean


Josefina Califano nominated by Tammy Rivera


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