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NYCDCC Officer Election, Dec 15, 2011: Members Attempting Nomination Eligibility

Persons for which signatures are being collected for nomination eligibility for the Dec 15, 2011, NYCDCC Officer Election are:

Slate Name Rank and File Team [Daly Slate] [McKeon Slate] [LaMontagne Slate]

EST Mike Bilello (157) John Daly (157) Thomas McKeon (157) George LaMontagne (157) Daniel J. Franco (157) Michal Ciechorski (1556)
President Bill Lebo (45) Gregory Kelty (157) Paul Tyzner (45) John DeFalco (157) N/A N/A
Vice-President Byron Schuler (157) Tommy McGonnigle (157) Mike Cavanaugh (740) Charles Lucas (1556) N/A N/A
Warden Gerard Gausman (157) John Walsh (157) Phillip Fiorentino (45) John Carty (157) N/A N/A
Conductor Mike Leonard (157) Gaunlett Holness (157) Scott Belford (2287) Shawn Eichorn (45) N/A N/A
Trustee Eddie Herrero (157) Robert Graham (926) Joe Mertens (157) Kevin Corrigan (157) N/A N/A
Trustee Jimmy Smith (2287) Bill Walsh (157) Joe Nina (157) John King (1556) N/A N/A
Trustee Patrick Crean (157) Turlough Sam Noone (157) Tom King (1556) Shawn Doonan (157) N/A N/A

If there are any errors in the above information, please let me/us know by posting a comment or by emailing me.


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