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Child Labor and Forced Labor

United States Department of Labor (USDOL)
 Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB)
  Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking (OCFT)
   U.S. Department of Labor’s List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor 2010: Report Required by the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2005

Appendix D: Suggested Additional Resources:

13 Products Most Likely To Made By Child Or Forced Labor
The Huffington Post, Ryan McCarthy First Posted: 12-18-10 10:23 AM, Updated: 12-18-10 10:37 AM

Human Rights Watch: Child Labor Articles Sorted by Date
NY Times: Child Labor


Standing Decisions of the General Executive Board; 2011 Dec LU157 Meeting

1887 February 15—A Union not holding meetings at least once a month forfeits its charter and is not eligible to donations.
2006 UBC Constitution, p86,

LU157's last meeting occurred Monday, November 15. It is now 34 days since with no meeting having yet occurred in December. Contact all the LU157 E-Board members and the NYCDCC to remind them of this 1887 Standing Decision and to insist that a LU157 meeting be held ASAP, preferably this coming Tuesday, Dec 21, or Wednesday, Dec 22. Call, text, email, and/or fax them today and every day hereafter until we have a LU157 meeting. Having the meeting is not only the right thing to do but also mandated by the UBC Constitution. Let us not allow the LU157 E-Board or Spencer to ignore and violate this provision of the UBC Constitution again as had been done for five months during the LU157 2007 supervision/trusteeship.

Contact Information: 157 East 25th Street, New York, NY 10010, Tel: 212-685-0567/0568/0581, Fax: 212-725-6793. 505 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018, Tel: 212-643-1070, Fax: 212-643-2974/2975 Fax. Office Hours: 6:30 am - 3:30 pm. NYC Business Representative Center, Phone: 212.366.7345, Fax: 212.366.7342. District Council, Tel: 212-366-7500.


LU157 Meeting for Mon, Dec 20, Has Been Postponed

The Local Union 157 meeting scheduled for December 20th has been postponed

As a result of the dissolution of Local Union 608 the meeting location was changed to a larger venue to accommodate all members. Unfortunately, Our Lady of Pompei Church has just informed us that they will no longer be able to host our meeting on Monday, December 20. At this time, we have no choice but to postpone the meeting until further notice. A mailing will be sent to all members in the near future with the date and location of our upcoming meeting. We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and look forward to celebrating the New Year with all of our members.

UPDATE: Due to safety concerns for the Church and our members the decision to postpone this meeting was made. Police officers from the local precinct, District Council security, District Council representatives and church representatives evaluated the venue and deemed it inappropriate to hold the event.

Please direct all inquiries to Local 157 at 212.685.0567 or 212.643.1070 and please do not disturb the staff of Our Lady of Pompei.

[Note: Pompeii is spelled with two i's.]

Source: NYCDCC website,

LU608 Dissolution FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Dissolution of Local Union 608

Frequently Asked Questions: 
How will the dissolution of Local 608 affect me?
Q. What happened to Local 608?A. Local Union 608 was dissolved to protect the best interests of our members.  It was NOT merged.  All members have been transferred to Local 157.  In the near future, an Interior Systems Local Union will be established for which any member can join. 
Q, Will the amount of my dues change?
A.No, your quarterly dues will remain $132.15
Q. Who do I make my check payable to?A. As of 12/14/10 all checks must be made payable to Local Union 157.
Q. Can I pay dues in the former Local Union 608 office?A. You can pay your dues in either Local 157 or former Local 608 office located in Manhattan.  The Local 608 Bronx office is closed.
Local 157 West Side Office (former LU 608)                                           Local 157 East Side Office505 Eighth Avenue                                                                                157 East 25th Street
New York, NY 10018                                                                               New York, NY 10010
212.643.1070 (phone)                                                     212.685.0567/ 0568/ 0581 (phone)
212.643.2974 (fax)                                                                                212.725.6793 (fax)
212.643.2975 (fax)
Q.  What are the office hours?A. The office hours of both offices are 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.  Dues can be paid daily at both offices from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm.
Q. Who will be working out of the local union offices?
A.  There will be administrative staff members in each office knowledgeable about the daily operations of Local 157 and the former Local 608. 
Q.  Has the delegate body of Local 157changed?
A. At present, Local Union 157 delegates to the District Council have not changed.  As the Council is under Supervision, the delegate body serves as an advisory board.   The Supervisor will reevaluate all business operations and delegates as we move forward. 
Q. Has this action affected the Executive Board of Local 157?A. The Executive Board of Local 157 has not been affected by this action.  A list of the Executive Board members can be found at  The UBC Supervisor will reevaluate all business operations and representation as we move forward. 
Q. Will the Out of Work List be affected?A. The  Out of Work list will NOT be affected.  You can put your name on either the Eastside, Westside, Bronx, Queens or Staten Island lists.
Q. Will my number on the Out of Work List be affected?A. Your number on the Out of Work List will remain the same.
Q. Will my benefits or annuity be affected?A. No.
Q. Will the Local 608 Scholarship and/ or recipients be affected?A.  All scholarship awards will be honored.  An advisory committee will be formed to address the future of the former Local Union 608 scholarship fund.
Q. When is the next Local Union 157 meeting?A. Local Union 157’s meetings will be held on Monday, December 20, 2010 at 4:30 pm at
Our Lady of Pompei Church
Father Demo Hall
25 Carmine Street, NYC
(Enter at Carmine and Bleecker Street)

Source: NYCDCC website,


LU608 dissolution/ LU157 merger

From: Daniel J. Franco
Date: Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 14:08
Subject: LU608 dissolution/ LU157 merger
To: "Torrance, Benjamin (AUSA, SDNY, USDOJ)" , "Dennis M. Walsh"
Cc: "Dennis M. Walsh" , Mark Fitzmaurice , Jack Mitchell , Walter Mack , "LaMorte, Tara (AUSA, SDNY, USDOJ)" , "Zornberg, Lisa R. (AUSA, SDNY, USDOJ)" , "Lanpher, Mark D. (AUSA, SDNY, USDOJ)" , "Gibbs, Ryan (OLRFI-NY, OIG, USDOL)" , "Garcia, Cheryl (OLRFI-NY, OIG, USDOL)"

Dear Sirs:

1) Are you actively questioning and resisting the wrongful LU608
dissolution/ LU157 merger? If not, why not? In particular, are you
seeking to determine:
   a) What the reasons were for the dissolution/merger?
   b) Why McWilliams was required to travel to Las Vegas the very
next day after the election? What service he was performing for the
UBC, NYCDCC or LU608? What organization paid for his travel and
   c) Why the dissolution/merger was enacted just seven days after a
'rank-and-file' member is elected president? Why the local was not put
under supervision or dissolved/merged sooner while the local union was
being operated by former exceptionally questionable presidents?
2) Is there an effort to obtain a court injunction or some type of
stay/reversal against the dissolution/merger?
3) Is there an effort to determine whether there were UBC Constitution
4) Is there an effort to determine whether there were Consent Decree
violations, e.g. not giving the Government and/or you prior notice?
5) Is there an effort to determine whether there were US
DOL/LMRDA/labor law violations?
6) Is there an effort to determine whether there were RICO violations?
7) If you weren't already, are you now fully aware that McCarron is a
sociopath? Are you aware that he is an egotistical, double-talking,
megalomaniac who has been operating the UBCJA as if he were a
dictatorial CEO whereby his abusive overbearing actions and methods
against the general membership have been destroying our labor union
since at least his inception as General President?
8) Have you obtained Newkirk's report regarding this matter? If so, I
would greatly appreciate if you would forward me a copy.
9) Mr. Walsh, will you be attending the forthcoming LU157 meeting next
Monday, December 20? I and many other members would greatly appreciate
your presence.

I thank you for your time and attention to these matters.

Daniel J. Franco

DJF's Blogspot
To the Dissolution of Local Union 608 - Say NO!, Part 1
To the Dissolution of Local Union 608 - Say NO!, Part 2
To the Dissolution of Local Union 608 - Say NO!, Part 3


Local Union 157 Meeting Location Has Changed

Local Union 157 Meeting Location Has Changed

Local Union 157’s meeting scheduled on Monday, December 20, 2010 at 4:30 pm will be held at:
Our Lady of Pompeii Church
Father Demo Hall
25 Carmine Street
New York, NY 10014
Tel: (212) 989-6805
(Enter at Carmine and Bleecker Street)

This location is a 2 minute walk from the Labor Technical College.

Source: NYCDCC Website,

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New York Architecture Images-Greenwich Village
Our Lady of Pompeii Church


LU608-LU157 Merge

From: Daniel J. Franco
Date: Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 14:14
Subject: LU608-LU157 Merge
To: "Dennis M. Walsh" , "Torrance, Benjamin (USANYS)"
Cc: "LaMorte, Tara (USANYS)" , "Dennis M. Walsh" , Mark Fitzmaurice , Jack Mitchell , "Zornberg, Lisa (USANYS)" , "Gibbs, Ryan - OIG"

Dear Sirs:

Earlier today I was told that LU608 had been merged into LU157. Have
you also been notified of this action? If this true, what was/were the
reason/s for the merge? Why has the merge occurred (just a week) after
the LU608 election?

Gentlemen, you do know that this is one of the most, if not the most,
deceitful, injurious and wrongful of actions to occur to both LU157
and LU608 members? If you thought that the locals weren't meaningful
before they'll be even less so now! This merger is yet another attempt
to deny members of both locals of better, or even proper,
representation and to conceal wrongdoing by the NYCDCC and McCarron
and Company.

For further insight, please read:
'To the Dissolution of Local Union 608 - Say NO!, Part 1'
'To the Dissolution of Local Union 608 - Say NO!, Part 2'
'To the Dissolution of Local Union 608 - Say NO!, Part 3'

Daniel J. Franco

LU608 merged into LU157!


LU608 merged into LU157!

More to come...

Letter from Douglas J. McCarron to Frank G. Spencer


RO Walsh's First Interim Report, 2010-12-03

To all those interested:

Review Officer Walsh's First Interim Report, dated 2010-12-03, was first posted the same day to Scribd by John Musumeci, of LU157. It is available though his blogspot at Thank you John for posting the Report.

However, since I have been asked by some whether I have the Report in PDF, I have made it available to all directly in PDF for those who do not have or want to sign-up for a (free) Scribd account at and for ease of download.

For Review Officer Walsh's First Interim Report, dated 2010-12-03, goto

In solidarity,


Steward Job Experience

Fellow NYC Carpenter Stewards,

A number of stewards this past year have expressed to me their apparently premature and wrongful dismissals/ removals from jobs. Therefore, I would like us to study the nature and pattern of all steward dismissals/ removals/ firings/ layoffs, with particular interest to determine whether or not there is a pattern of wrongful steward dismissals/ removals/ firings/ layoffs.

Unless you specifically state that you do not require your information to be confidential, all information forwarded to me will be considered confidential by default. Your specific information will not be shared with anyone else without your prior consent. However, the information will also be used to generate anonymous statistical information that will be released to the public.

If you would like to participate, please forward as much as you can of the following information: name of company, your name, categories/types of work you performed (woodwork, drywall, framing, etc.), the start and end dates of your employment, name/description of project, all categories/types of work required of project, the project address, the start date of the project if known, the end date of the project if known, whether a letter from the company to the NYCDCC and you was sent explaining the reasons for your dismissal, and any other information you think to be pertinent. If possible, it would be very helpful if you could also scan (150dpi to 300dpi) or digitally photograph your steward sheets and then email them to me as documents or pictures.

In solidarity,
Daniel J. Franco
UBC Certified Steward

Member News - Latest News & Archives

From: Daniel J. Franco
Date: Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 17:53
Subject: Member News - Latest News & Archives
To: "Frank G. Spencer"
Cc: John Ballantyne , "Dennis M. Walsh"

Dear Supervisor Spencer:

Why are there now only six remaining 'Member News' articles currently
at the NYCDCC website? Why were all the other many articles removed or
made inaccessible? Why are you causing or allowing the removal of
information from the NYCDCC website? Please have all the many articles
and documents that were formerly available replaced and make them
accessible again. Thank you.

Daniel J. Franco


LU608 Election 2010

Preliminary Results:

Carpenters' Local Union 608 Election
395 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10014
Tuesday, December 7, 2010
12:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Tommy McGonnigle for President
Gerry Gausman for Vice President
Donny Arana for Recording Secretary
Gauntlett Holness for Conductor

Time for a Change
Carpenters for Democracy

As rank and file union members Carpenters for Democracy has united our membership around a program to restore dignity and pride to our union by putting it back in the hands of the membership.


Patrick Crean for President
Joseph Connolly for Vice President
Dennis Gimblet for Recording Secretary
Herman Warren for Conductor

Dedicated representatives and an active, educated and informed membership can re-establish the integrity and strength of Local 608.