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LU608 dissolution/ LU157 merger

From: Daniel J. Franco
Date: Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 14:08
Subject: LU608 dissolution/ LU157 merger
To: "Torrance, Benjamin (AUSA, SDNY, USDOJ)" , "Dennis M. Walsh"
Cc: "Dennis M. Walsh" , Mark Fitzmaurice , Jack Mitchell , Walter Mack , "LaMorte, Tara (AUSA, SDNY, USDOJ)" , "Zornberg, Lisa R. (AUSA, SDNY, USDOJ)" , "Lanpher, Mark D. (AUSA, SDNY, USDOJ)" , "Gibbs, Ryan (OLRFI-NY, OIG, USDOL)" , "Garcia, Cheryl (OLRFI-NY, OIG, USDOL)"

Dear Sirs:

1) Are you actively questioning and resisting the wrongful LU608
dissolution/ LU157 merger? If not, why not? In particular, are you
seeking to determine:
   a) What the reasons were for the dissolution/merger?
   b) Why McWilliams was required to travel to Las Vegas the very
next day after the election? What service he was performing for the
UBC, NYCDCC or LU608? What organization paid for his travel and
   c) Why the dissolution/merger was enacted just seven days after a
'rank-and-file' member is elected president? Why the local was not put
under supervision or dissolved/merged sooner while the local union was
being operated by former exceptionally questionable presidents?
2) Is there an effort to obtain a court injunction or some type of
stay/reversal against the dissolution/merger?
3) Is there an effort to determine whether there were UBC Constitution
4) Is there an effort to determine whether there were Consent Decree
violations, e.g. not giving the Government and/or you prior notice?
5) Is there an effort to determine whether there were US
DOL/LMRDA/labor law violations?
6) Is there an effort to determine whether there were RICO violations?
7) If you weren't already, are you now fully aware that McCarron is a
sociopath? Are you aware that he is an egotistical, double-talking,
megalomaniac who has been operating the UBCJA as if he were a
dictatorial CEO whereby his abusive overbearing actions and methods
against the general membership have been destroying our labor union
since at least his inception as General President?
8) Have you obtained Newkirk's report regarding this matter? If so, I
would greatly appreciate if you would forward me a copy.
9) Mr. Walsh, will you be attending the forthcoming LU157 meeting next
Monday, December 20? I and many other members would greatly appreciate
your presence.

I thank you for your time and attention to these matters.

Daniel J. Franco

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tommy said...

very well said daniel

Daniel J. Franco said...

Thank you Tommy.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, If you contacting women in your letter, don't address them as "Sirs"

Anonymous said...

otherwise, well said!

Daniel J. Franco said...

Anonymous, the letter was directed to Benjamin Torrance and Dennis Walsh. All others were CC'd.