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LU608-LU157 Merge

From: Daniel J. Franco
Date: Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 14:14
Subject: LU608-LU157 Merge
To: "Dennis M. Walsh" , "Torrance, Benjamin (USANYS)"
Cc: "LaMorte, Tara (USANYS)" , "Dennis M. Walsh" , Mark Fitzmaurice , Jack Mitchell , "Zornberg, Lisa (USANYS)" , "Gibbs, Ryan - OIG"

Dear Sirs:

Earlier today I was told that LU608 had been merged into LU157. Have
you also been notified of this action? If this true, what was/were the
reason/s for the merge? Why has the merge occurred (just a week) after
the LU608 election?

Gentlemen, you do know that this is one of the most, if not the most,
deceitful, injurious and wrongful of actions to occur to both LU157
and LU608 members? If you thought that the locals weren't meaningful
before they'll be even less so now! This merger is yet another attempt
to deny members of both locals of better, or even proper,
representation and to conceal wrongdoing by the NYCDCC and McCarron
and Company.

For further insight, please read:
'To the Dissolution of Local Union 608 - Say NO!, Part 1'
'To the Dissolution of Local Union 608 - Say NO!, Part 2'
'To the Dissolution of Local Union 608 - Say NO!, Part 3'

Daniel J. Franco

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