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Steward Job Experience

Fellow NYC Carpenter Stewards,

A number of stewards this past year have expressed to me their apparently premature and wrongful dismissals/ removals from jobs. Therefore, I would like us to study the nature and pattern of all steward dismissals/ removals/ firings/ layoffs, with particular interest to determine whether or not there is a pattern of wrongful steward dismissals/ removals/ firings/ layoffs.

Unless you specifically state that you do not require your information to be confidential, all information forwarded to me will be considered confidential by default. Your specific information will not be shared with anyone else without your prior consent. However, the information will also be used to generate anonymous statistical information that will be released to the public.

If you would like to participate, please forward as much as you can of the following information: name of company, your name, categories/types of work you performed (woodwork, drywall, framing, etc.), the start and end dates of your employment, name/description of project, all categories/types of work required of project, the project address, the start date of the project if known, the end date of the project if known, whether a letter from the company to the NYCDCC and you was sent explaining the reasons for your dismissal, and any other information you think to be pertinent. If possible, it would be very helpful if you could also scan (150dpi to 300dpi) or digitally photograph your steward sheets and then email them to me as documents or pictures.

In solidarity,
Daniel J. Franco
UBC Certified Steward


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