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NYCDCC 2008 Election Protests

Protests and Responses to the eligibility of Forde, Thomassen and Sheil as candidates for the NYCDCC 2008 Election:

2009-09-16 So far, no response from McCarron has been received.
2009-01-09 Franco Letter to McCarron
2008-12-29 Election Monitor Decision to Franco
2008-12-18 Franco Letter to Election Monitor
2008-12-16 NYCDCC Election Committee response to Franco
2008-12-05 Franco Letter to NYCDCC Election Committee
2008-11-14 NYCDCC Election Committee response to Franco
2008-11-03 Franco Letter to the NYCDCC Election Committee
2008-02-01 McCarron response to Forde
2008-01-25 Forde Letter to McCarron

After you read the letters, let us know what you think.

(Originally posted at, 2008-12-19)


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