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Petition to the NYCDCC and its Affiliates for Complete Disclosure/Transparency and Accountability

We, the members of the NYC carpenters' local unions, petition the New York City District Council of Carpenters (NYCDCC), the NYCDCC Benefit Funds, the NYCDCC Labor Technical College, and the NYC Carpenter Labor-Management Trust Fund, their officers, executives, directors, trustees, business managers, organizers, representatives and employees and all other related organizations, parties, and/or individuals to honestly and accurately answer pertinent questions put to them and to provide information pertaining to activities (elections, organizing, court actions, etc.) and financings of the aforementioned organizations since at least July 1, 1988, to make available upon demand, or timely if need be, copies of any such information, regardless to the type of media, without reservation or retribution, at no cost, to any NYC carpenters' local union member upon verbal or written request.

Detailed information that is to be made available shall include, but shall not be limited to, a complete directory of employees for each organization, obligations/duties of and codes of conduct for officers and employees, representatives' daily activities/actions, special activities, court activities, lawsuits, elections (candidates, results, communications, etc.), compensations (salaries, reimbursements, gifts), pickets and rallies (target, locations, dates, times, etc.), organizing efforts and statistics (companies attempted to be unionized, companies unionized, number employees unionized, etc.), the from their inception to date the accountings of the “$1 Supplemental Pension”, the 1988 December “1% Assessment”, the accountings of the 2000 June “$0.30 Assessment”, aka “the First Assessment” and the accountings of the 2007 January “$0.30 Assessment”, aka “the Second Assessment”, any other information as to how the Assessments and all other NYCDCC and Local Union monies have been used, are being used, and their intended use, with all such information to be updated at least monthly.

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