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'Blue Card'

To "Frank G. Spencer" via email
CC "John Ballantyne" via email
CC "Dennis M. Walsh" via email

Dear Supervisor Spencer:

With this letter I am requesting that a list of all the NYCDCC, NYCDCC
Benefit Funds, NYCDCC Technical Labor College, NYC Carpenter Labor
Management Trust Fund and NYC carpenter local union current and former
officers, directors, business managers, business agents, organizers
and all other employees that are or were members of the affiliated NYC
local unions since the issuance of the September 2008 Vacation
Assessment Authorization Card, aka "Blue Card", be compiled and send
to me and the many other NYC carpenter local union members that have
also requested such information.

Specifically, did the following persons sign the 'Blue Card'? If so,
were any assessments ever levied upon and collected from the following
Michael J. Forde, former NYCDCC EST
Peter Thomassen, former NYCDCC President
Denis Sheil, former NYCDCC Vice President
Maurice Leary, former Director of Operations, NYCDCC
Edward McWilliams, Director of Organizing, NYCDCC
Steve McInnis, Political Director, NYCDCC
Audra O'Donovan, Director of Communications, NYCDCC
Martin Daly, Director of the NYCDCC TLC
Scott Danielson, Inspector General/Director of the OWL, NYCDCC
Dan Mazziotta, Director of the NYCCLM
Stuart GraBois, Director of NYCDCC Benefit Funds
Anthony Agridiano
Paul Capurso, Regional Manager
George DiLacio
Danny DeMorato
Lawrence D'Errico, BM, LU157
Ramadan Ibric
Fred Kennedy
Joseph Lauer
Anthony Pugliese
Byron Schuler
Richard Tuccillo
Joe DiNapoli, BM, LU926
Danny Dunbar
John Holt
Sal Zarzana
Chris Wallace, BM, LU20
Eric Anderson
William O'Neill, Jr.
Anthony Rugolo
Sam Bailey, BM, LU1536
John Cavelli
John Greaney, former BM, LU608
Joseph Calciano
John Daly
Martin Devereaux
Joe Firth
Brian Hayes
William Lacey, Civil Service Director
Martin Lydon
Ed Maudsley
Maurice McGrath
Thomas McKeon
Mike Murphy
Jame O'Reilly
Ron Rawald
Frank Schiavone
Elly Spicer
Vincent Taddeo
Joseph Wing
Robert Seeger, BM, LU740
Michael Cavanaugh
John Lesica
Dan Walcott
Charles Harkin, BM, LU1456
Richard Dwyer
John A. Harkin
Michael V. Koballa
Olaf J. Olsen
Gary Shelton
John Thomassen
Louis Rioux
John Early, BM, LU45
Sal Antonucci
James Brennan
Steve Kizis
Carlisle Paul
Paul Pietropaolo
Martin Szabunio
Paul Tyznar, Regional Manager
Joe Ventura, former BM, LU 2090
Walter Clayton
Hermann Foullois
Michael Zemski, former BM, LU2287
Scott Bedford
Jeffery Passante
Tommy Costello
Aaron Gholston
Joseph Geiger
Frank Marino
John Olsen
William Peters
Andres Puerta
Tamara Rivera
Maria Sabater
Maryann June
John Sheehy
Marina Vranich
Bodhwattie Bodha

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Daniel J. Franco