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From: Daniel J. Franco
Date: Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 12:52
Subject: NYCDCC Delegate Meeting, 2012-01-25
To: Michael R. Bilello, Bill Lebo


The NYCDCC delegate meeting notice was issued as follows:
The District Council has scheduled a Delegate meeting for Wednesday January 25, 2012 @ 6PM in the Labor Technical College 2nd floor common room.

All delegates will have the opportunity, at that time, to complete paperwork necessary to get any payment from the district council.  All delegates should bring a copy of their passport or drivers license and social security card.  The paperwork (I-9 and W-4 forms) and copies of identification need to be completed for the Council to make any payments.

Due to this notice I now have several questions:
  1. Since the regular NYCDCC delegate meeting is the second Wednesday of the month, the Jan 25 delegate meeting must be a special called meeting. Why does the notice not state that the Jan 25 delegate meeting is a special called meeting?
  2. The notice states, "All delegates will have the opportunity, at that time,..." which strongly implies that the meeting is for another or other purposes. Special called meetings can only be called for specific purposes(s). Being that the Jan 25 delegate meeting must be a special called meeting, why does the notice not specifically state what the purpose(s) of the meeting is (are)?
  3. Why the need to complete I-9's and W-4's? To receive the stipend will the delegates be employees of the NYCDCC? Yes? No?
  4. Who initially called for the delegate meeting? You? Walker? Walsh? Other?
  5. Who wrote-up the notice? You? Walker? Other?
  6. Who requested or mandated that it be posted at the NYCDCC website? You? Walker? Other?
  7. Why only two days notice? When did you become aware of the need for such a special called meeting?
  8. When was the call for the meeting initially issued? What is the date?
  9. Were the delegates notified prior to posting the notice at the NYCDCC website? Yes? No?
  10. Was this notice sent directly to each delegate? Yes? No?
  11. Was this notice sent directly to each local union? Yes? No?
I thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

In solidarity,

P.S.: With future notices, I strongly suggest that you also include the date of issuance.

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