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Fwd: Scott Widmeyer; Forde and Co-Defendants Pensions

From: Daniel J. Franco <>
Date: Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 11:23
Subject: Scott Widmeyer; Forde and Co-Defendants Pensions
To: "Frank G. Spencer" <>
Cc: "Dennis M. Walsh" <>

Dear Supervisor Spencer:

In an August 18, 2010, NY Daily News article, 'Corrupt carpenters
union big Michael Forde gets to keep $128G pension', reporter Brian
Kates reports, ""We intend to make every attempt possible to block
these pensions going to the people who have pleaded guilty or have
been implicated in serious wrongdoing," said district council
spokesman Scott Widmeyer. Widmeyer said the union plans to sue Forde
and his co-defendants and will apply for a piece of their federal

Who is Scott Widmeyer? Is he the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
of Widmeyer Communications (
Who decided to hire him? You alone? Or were others involved in the
decision? If so, who were/are the others?
Why was he hired? Why do we need a NYCDCC spokesperson? Does he also
represent any of the NYC local carpenter unions?
What is the date that he was hired? For what length of time or until
what goal is achieved is he expected to be retained?
To date, what is the amount of money paid by the NYCDCC to his firm?
Had he ever been hired before by any Carpenters' local union, council,
or the UBCJA? If so, when and for what?
To whom does "We" refer in Widmeyer's statement? You and him? DeCarlo,
Connor and Shanley? The UBCJA? The NYCDCC?
Regarding Widmeyer's statement, "the union plans to sue", who will
actually be performing this action? Am I correct to figure it will be
DeCarlo, Connor and Shanley? When are they expected to file this suit?
If they already have started, when was the suit filed and what is the
docket number?
Are the (estimated) pension amounts stated by Kates accurate for Forde
at $128,000 and for Greany at $50,000? Were these amounts provide to
Kates by Widmeyer? GraBois? You?
By what law(s) will the the "union" attempt to prevent the
disbursement of pension benefits to "Forde and his co-defendants"?
Is there any intent to prevent the disbursement of pension benefits to
others, such as Thomassen, Sheil, Leary, and others who have
"retired", resigned or were dismissed?
If awarded, to whom would the "piece of their federal fines" be
provided? DeCarlo, Connor and Shanley? The UBCJA? The NYCDCC?

I'm confident that you already know the answers to nearly all of the
above questions and can provide them today. For the remaining few, I
am confident that you will be able to provide them, at the latest, by
this coming Monday, August 23, 2010. I thank you for your time and
cooperation with these matters.

Daniel J. Franco

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