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Petition - NYCDCC Bylaw Draft and Agreements

NYCDCC Bylaw Draft and Agreements

Under current circumstances as of May 2011, we, the undersigned members of the local unions affiliated to the NYCDCC, hereby petition the NYCDCC, Review Officer Walsh and Judge Berman:

1) that all members be sent, by postcard and/or email, notification of the existence of the NYCDCC Bylaws Draft and thereafter be provided a 45-day review and response period. These stipulations would further essential review, revision, and ratification of the NYCDCC Bylaws. Under current circumstances the June 9, 2011, deadline is inadequate for members to responsibly consider the proposed draft bylaws and submit comments.

2) that all future contracts (CBA, PLA, etc.), in which the working conditions are altered and/or the wages reduced and/or benefit pay reduced, between the NYCDCC and employers or employer associations negotiated by any persons not elected by secret ballot directly by the local union members be null and void. The contracts under which we work must be negotiated by a body of democratically elected representatives if they are to be valid.


1 comment:

Daniel J. Franco said...

The Petition is essentially self-explanatory. The Petition was not my idea alone and after several drafts the wording wasn't finalized until this past Mon, May 23.

So far, I have been able to collect 85 signatures from this past Monday night to Wednesday around noon. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to go to the Council yesterday in the morning or today. I intend to submit the signatures to Judge Berman, RO Walsh, and the NYCDCC by Fri, Jun 3, or at the latest, Mon, Jun 6.

If you are member of a local union affiliated to the NYCDCC and agree with the Petition, please feel free to print it, collect signatures and forward the sheets to me ASAP. You can forward the sheets to me in person or by email. If you want... to forward them to me by email then you can digitally scan or photograph the Petition and email the image to me. However, save the original it might be needed. If you don't want to ask other members for signatures but would still would like to sign the Petition yourself then feel free to do so and forward it to me by the methods previously mentioned. In advance, thank you for helping. And again, thank you to all that have already signed.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.